August 24, 2008 Wow, have we been making changes and growing. New testing features have been added and course creation is easier than ever. We want to announce a new audio recording feature for the MyiCourse site. Just two clicks and a microphone allows you to record an audio message for any menu item, course page or test question. The process is wickedly easy and eliminates the need for creating audio with other software programs. The steps are simple: Click the insert audio icon on the Learning Content Manager; click record an audio button, and then click record. If you like what you hear, just give the audio a name and save. The player and audio will instantly appear on your content page. If you need assistance, just contact us under the "Support and Suggestions button for the site.

April 15, 2008. Templates, templates, templates! Really, who has time to create nifty page layouts for their menu and course pages? Not us and neither do you. MyiCourse has just completely upgraded the template function in the Learning Content Manager. This means that you now have a wide selection of templates for text, audio, images and video. Just one click and the page layout is complete. Now with a single click you can design nifty pages with banner headlines, 2-3-4 columns, inserted images and even the audio player with text. To find this function, open your learning content manager to create a page, then click on the template icon in either the basic or advanced version of the content manager. Need help? Contact us through the "Support & Suggestions" link at the top of this page.

March 14, 2008. MyiCourse has a new, easier, audio interface for those who wish to place MP3 audio files on their sites or in their courses. The new audio interface is a one click process that greatly simplifies the use of audio. Simply click on the insert audio icon, select the audio file on your computer and then click Upload. Its just that easy. The audio player appears on the page and can be activated by your students. This new feature is detailed in course #13 in the Learning Center. To see this course, go to the Learning Center and click on the Course Catalog. Then click on course #13.

February 26, 2008. We are pleased to announce a new Student Store feature on sites! Many of our MyiCourse site owners are discovering the benefits of earning income from the sales of their courses on their MyiCourse site. But many site owners have also been asking for their own e-commerce bookstore to provide an entirely new income stream and we have delivered. Each MyiCourse site now allows you to sell books, course review materials, study guides, lecture notes, examination review notes and much, much more. Each bookstore item contains a title, picture of the item, book description, fee and shopping cart activation button. All purchases are placed in the shopping cart and payments are processed through the same credit card processing users have already connected for the sales of their courses. All invoice information is retained on the MyiCourse site to document the sales and even the shipping date and time. To see an active Student Store, go to the Learning Center and click the Student Store link.

January 8, 2008. MyiCourse emphasizes accountability and we have just greatly increased your control and the accountability of students. We have added a timing feature for tests given on the MyiCourse system. You now have the ability to set a maximum time for students to complete your tests. We also realize that site owners have differing testing needs, so we have provided three options. The first option is to allow the student unlimited time for each test. The second option is to set a maximum time limit that is measured in “real time.” So, a 30 minute time limit will end the test 30 minutes after the test is started. The final option is to set a maximum time limit that is cumulative. This allows the student to start and stop the test as desired and not exceed a cumulative amount of time. We have also created a new course in the Learning Center that details all of the testing options and features. You may find this free course by searching for “Testing on MyiCourse” in our search engine or by going directly to and looking in the course catalog. Need help? Click on the Support and Suggestions button on the page and send us a note. We will be glad to help.

January 1, 2008. Happy 2008! MyiCourse has ended 2007 with a bang. We grew 12% each week for the last eight weeks of 2007, in terms of the number of of online universities created. Users have grown consistently at 28% for the same time period. We also completed the final changes that made MyiCourse a fully integrated application in Facebook and nearly one-third of all MyiCourse users are entering from that social network. We continue to get extremely good feedback from the Flatworlders who visit Myicourse. This has resulted in increased functionality that has resulted in more options for MyiCourse site owners and their students. The latest features allow MyiCourse site owners to resell their existing courses in bulk and place their course(s) into the course catalog of other MyiCourse sites. New testing features allow question randomization, randomly selecting a set number of questions from a larger data-bank of questions and setting a maximum time limit for taking a test. We welcome all suggestions.

December 29, 2007. New have uploaded a new version of MyiCourse beta today. Increased functionality and increased ease of use are the key features of each update. Need help with any aspect of the MyiCourse system? Just click "Support and Suggestions" and we will be happy to assist.